Raffle draw countdown

How it works

We have created Raffle Mania, an innovative system that creates a new raffle every day. We believe every player has the right to win something extra when they are playing with us, so Larry decided to spend his own money to reward the raffle winners. We all love Larry! 

There will be one exclusive raffle every day containing 100 FreeRounds, "No Deposit needed" for the winner.

The timer shows the time left until the next raffle, so please keep your attention and don't miss a raffle that you might want to participate in.

How do I get tickets for the Raffles?

There are several ways to get your hands on the tickets. The easiest way is purchasing them at the shop using your coins, but you can also be rewarded with tickets as a result of a JokeBox® game, as a prize on a Larry’s Roulette game, or through certain promotions.

Each time you get a ticket, you need to activate it from "My rewards" to participate into the ongoing raffle.

Bonus terms & conditions

Recent winners

  • Stephan44 February 01
  • Rada January 31
  • Thomasfoe January 30
  • Tuttus January 29
  • Faucetta4 January 28